Ganesh Chaturthi Spl.

-Just another day



Not long ago sleeping late night after getting tired from usual happy office annual outings. Waking up to 7 idlis from K.K. one of the less favorites. While coming back got tempted by halwa (sweet) in the temple which could have made my day. A sheep amongst the wolves managed to fork out meat with them. But guess what it was adulterated grass whatsoever. Enjoyed my only private time – bath time. Off to office. On my way I fixed on dead mouse with no funeral plus on observation seems to be an over worked mouse (more of a suicide must have reached heaven lol due to auspiciousness all around).


Excited bid adieu to my fellow sheep and off to the next new shit in town – carnatic music. Being tasted it a year back @Jalsa Chennai I know what could be in the pot. But serially speaking that shit is awesome. I mean I reached there thirsty and the guy Abhisek “the best carnatic musician in India” made sure my ass was fevicoled. Also missing my primary target of savoring refreshments. But the killing part were the audience. I know there is a limit of how much we could make out being an amateur. That holds water for the classical music as well. I was lucky enough to get exactly what he was trying to convey with various ragas and surs as I had the masters of the masters – Google. I googled up the lyrics with meaning and was having a time of my life.

But here is message for all the classicals – if you really want more people in it then instead of giving shit that this is for Elites or the ones with different tastes, kindly include more intellects by giving handouts of what you are singing so that they could connect better and this whole thing could be more than just music more meaningful. Handout will includes digital share too. Hope to see more people involved as I don’t know serially how many times more I could walk this Boulevard of open dreams.

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