Generic Solution – Low Mic during Call Problem in Oneplus One

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19 thoughts on “Generic Solution – Low Mic during Call Problem in Oneplus One”

  1. Hi and thank you for this posting 🙂
    It worked for me, but could you explain, what these settings did exactly, which microhones were boosted with RX1 RX2?

    1. Hi @MBG thanks mate. I am glad it helped. These settings just boosted your allowed volume from 84% to 93%.
      Similar to what the Dolby presets do for speakers path.
      We have done it uniformly for all the paths for uniformity. Hope it helps.

    2. I also faced this issue and tried various solutions but I found this as referenced to increase the speaker volume, so after playing around with the values and searching over internet. I found this solution worked for me with no visible side-affects.
      RX can be thought as Receiver which is Microphone Receiver in our case so we just boosts the mic input. Hope we get fix from OPO community soon . Don’t forget to raise your voice in Jira.

  2. Other option if you don’t want to mess with settings (having to root, mess with command lines, etc) is to press the phone against your face with your hand on the bottom of the phone as to form a cup so the mic is no further than 1 inch away. Then people will hear you perfectly.

    Tendency is for people to do the oppo site and press the speaker portion against your hear. When you do that, the mic ends up 2+ inches away and the noise cancellation cancels your own voice (garbling, low mic issue!). Not getting this right for a phone manufacturer is just plain stupid. Just call yourself, mute the other phone, you will see. But once you know this, your calls will be perfect and you may even appreciate the extreme noise cancellation in certain situations although most people don’t need these extreme settings.

    1. Yeah additional alternate regarding this if you press back mic with your finger which is adjust to (along side) camera. It worked out for me and find no problem with mic at all. But I personally find it little inconvenient.

    2. That’s interesting! I know of similar workaround that helped me I used to just press the rear microphone (located at back panel) with my finger tightly while talking and it seems to do the trick.

  3. Thanks for your post. Some posts have also suggested following update in /system/etc/audio_platform_info.xml
    device name=”SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC” acdb_id=”40″
    device name=”SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC” acdb_id=”4″

    Wondering what does this do and why you have not considered it?

    1. Firstly, I tried that solution it seemed to worked for me in Cyanogen but it didn’t worked in Oxygen OS.
      Secondly, the above solution disables my 3.5 mm headset microphone input.

  4. Also can you also explain the impact of following suggested changes:
    1. Updating following value from 84 to 92 in /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml
    ctl name=”DEC4 Volume” value=”84″

    2. Updating value under Analog input devices in /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml from 84 to 100

    1. Actually there are many places if you update value one by one and test the microphone; the resulting solution require changes at less places.
      I am sure this solution can be optimized and improved. If you are going in that direction, do share your finding.
      As a note I suggest don’t increase anything to 100 explicitly, it might lead to hardware issue.

  5. Hi,
    I have the opposite problem, my Mic doesn’t work when i’m on speaker mode…Do you have any idea of what lines to change for that?
    (One plus One android 6 MM).

  6. What is mean when I have by default ctl name=”RX1(to RX6) Digital Volume” value=”0″.
    Only ctl name=”RX7 Digital Volume” value=”-“.

  7. hi sorry for my bad english…. i have samsunsg s4 with cm 13 and i have a problem with rec-mic its very very low….what is the parameters that i change in mixer_path?

  8. Hello, I have almost the same problem. I tried to clean the microphones with air pressure and add result I damaged them. I replaced the microphone near the usb port with a new one and now the others can hear me during call. But, when on speaker, they don’t. So, how I can set it up to use the working microphone during speaker mode? Thanks.

  9. I have a Oneplus One and I have the same problem BUT ON SPEAKER mode, the MIC does not work. In normal mode everything is OK but when I switch to loudspeaker the microphone does not work anymore. Any suggestions?

    Ive installed a ton of ROMS from the first CM11, CM12, CM14 and the same problem everywhere. These were clean installs. Thanks

    1. Hey guys, kind of found something that proves that its not HARDWARE problem. I installed ColorOS, yes, the 2.0.13i version and it works like a charm, the MIC I mean; on SPEAKER, on NORMAL, all works. SO, back to the problem, is there a way to use the ColorOS drivers in Nougat or?

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