Rick and Morty – Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

Woah Facts

The Bomb Test – Make Morty Assertive

Rick got drunk and went with Morty with armed Neutrino Bomb. It was mentioned Elaborate Test to make you more assertive.

Why Rick is so intelligent?

Mega Seeds – Having Seeds in Ass Morty appears to be having saliva just like Rick and got super intelligent


Dead Drops

Dead Drop – Bomb

Possibility that after Bomb goes off since the scene ended with Bomb Beeping
Next Scene on Dinner

Dead Drop – Mega Seed Monsters 

Dimension 35C – Mega Tree and Mega Seeds
Creature Shows up


Minute Details

Recent Rick Arrival 

Beth mentioned to Jerry that Rick Just came into life – Morty got the only friend


Young Morty 

Morty is very young school kid – Learning 2+2 Maths


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